Neurotech Reports Announces Enhanced Product Database

Neurotech Reports, the publisher of the Neurotech Business Report newsletter, announced the enhancement of its online Database of Neuromodulation Products. The database contains detailed and up-to-date information on neuromodulation products in a number of key categories, including spinal cord stimulation, deep-brain stimulation, surface stimulation, and many others.

Users of the database are able to search for products that are currently on the market or in clinical trials. Users can search by product category or by neurological condition such as chronic pain, paralysis, psychiatric disorders, or bladder and bowel disorders.

Access to the Database of Neuromodulation Products is available at no charge to subscribers of Neurotech Business Report. Paid subscribers receive enhanced access via the subscriber area at The database is also available to members of the International Neuromodulation Society through their member portal at

Neurotech Reports editors have begun the process of contacting key vendors in the industry to obtain the most up-to-date product and vendor information. For more information on updating your company listing or on sponsorship, contact Neurotech Reports at 415 546 1259.









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