Previously Published Vendor Profiles





LivaNova plc

LivaNova Renews its Focus on VNS in Neuromodulation


Kernel Transitions from Consumer Brain Sensing to Medical.


ONWARD Moves Forward with Novel Therapies for SCI

Zander Labs

Zander Labs Builds Support for Next-Generation BCIs

Neurosoft Bioelectronics

Neurosoft Moves Forward with Subdural Brain Implant

Salvia BioElectronics

Salvia BioElectronics Moves Closer to Commercialization

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics Bets on Graphene in BCI Market


VoxNeuro Exploits New Technology in Neurosensing Market

Phantom Neuro

Phantom Neuro Develops Muscle-Machine Interface

Precision Neuroscience

Precision Neuro Seeks to Grab its Slice of BCI Market

Nevro Corp.

Nevro Stakes Out New Ground in Crowded SCS Market

Reach Neuro

Reach Neuro Uses Epidural Stimulation to Treat Stroke

Neurolief Ltd.

Neurolief Adds Neurotech Execs as it Prepares for U.S. Market

Satori Capital

Satori Capital Launches New Mental Health Fund

Inner Cosmos

Inner Cosmos Creates a Digital Pill for the Mind

One Mind Accelerator

One Mind Accelerator Promises to Expand Neurotechnology for Mental Health

Saluda Medical, Inc.

Saluda Medical Seeks to Take its Place in Big Five of Pain Neuromodulation

NeuroSigma Inc.

NeuroSigma Banks on Trigeminal Nerve As It Expands Commercialization

MicroTransponder, Inc.

MicroTransponder Moves Forward with VNS Therapy in Neuromodulation Market

Neuromod Devices Ltd.

Neuromod Devices Seeks to Keep Tinnitus Therapy on the Tip of Our Tongue

Brain Scientific, Inc.

Brain Scientific Combines Neurosensing Technology with Motion Devices

CorTec GmbH

CorTec Exploits Partnerships to Expand Reach of its Implantable Devices


Neuropixels Project Offers Probes to Neural Engineers Without Commercial Markup

Cionic Inc.

Cionic Develops Wearable Stimulation Products to Address Gait Abnormalities

Cala Health

Cala Health Transitions from Neurotech Startup to Viable Commercial Firm

Y Combinator

Y Combinator Adds Neurotech Startups to its Newsest Batch of Portfolio Firms


SynerFuse Seeks to Combine DRG Neuromodulation with Spinal Fusion Devices

electroCore Inc.

electroCore Moves to Expand Reach of Noninvasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Rune Labs

Rune Labs Exploits Brain Data Platform to Forge Partnerships with Healthcare Firms

Pixium Vision

Pixium Vision Rebounds from Aborted Second Sight Deal to Make it On its Own

Helius Medical Technologies Inc.

Helius Medical Pursues Neurorehabilitation Market with Translingual Device


BrainQ Shows Progress in the Market for Noninvasive Stroke Rehabilitation

Stimwave Technologies Inc.

Stimwave Moves Beyond Legal Battles to Claim its Share of Neuromodulation Market

Nyxoah SA

Nyxoah Seeks to Expand Neuromodulation Market for Treating Sleep Disorders

NeuraLace Medical Inc.

NeuraLace Medical Seeks to Transform Pain Neuromodulation with Novel Device


BrainsWay Leverages its Expanded Indications in Magnetic Stimulation Market

NeuroPace Inc.

NeuroPace IPO Likely to Transform Refractory Epilepsy Neuromodulation Market

Pixium Vision/Second Sight

Pixium Vision and Second Sight Combine Forces in Visual Prosthetics Market

Boston Scientific Corp.

Boston Scientific Continues Product Innovation in Brain and Spinal Cord Markets

Nalu Medical

Nalu Medical Attacks SCS and PNS Markets with Miniatrized Pulse Generator

LivaNova plc

LivaNova Charts a New Course in Neuromodulation with New Therapy Options

Medtronic plc

Medtronic Puts Neuromodulation on Front Burner in Effort to Regain Lost Share

Axonics Modulation Inc.

Axonics Modulation Goes Toe to Toe with Medtronic in SNS Neuromodulation

Synchron Inc.

Synchron Seeks to Transform Neurotech Industry with Neurovascular Device

NeuroOne Medical

NeuroOne Medical Seeks to Exploit Thin Film Electrode Technology


Neuroelectrics Expands its Reach from Neurological to Psychiatric Disorders

Micron Medical

Micron Medical Seeks to Challenge Market Leaders in OAB

Nevro Corp.

Nevro Leverages Waveform IP to Exert Control in Neuromodulation

Fisher Wallace

Fisher Wallace Targets Mood Disorders with Cranial Stimulation Devices


Micro-Leads Promises to Improve Accuracy of Lead Placement with HD64 Device

WISE srl

WISE srl Seeks to Flex its Muscle in the Market for Stretchable Implanted Leads

Laborie Medical Technologies

Laborie Medical Exploits Neuromodulation Therapies in Pelvic Health Market

BIOS Health

BIOS Health Applies Big Data Concepts to Neurological Disorders Market

SensArs Neuroprosthetics

SensArs Neuroprosthetics Seeks to Improve Prosthetics with Sensory Feedback Device

Spark Biomedical

Spark Biomedical Addresses Opioid Addiction with Noninvasive Neuromodulation

Cala Health

Cala Health Pursues Wearable Neuromodulation Market with Novel Products

Theranica Bio-Electronics

Theranica Bio-Electronics Pursues Migraine Pain Market with Noninvasive Device

FemPulse Corp.

FemPulse Targets Women's Pelvic Health with Noninvasive Stimulation Device

Tivic Health

Tivic Health Debuts Novel Bioelectronic Medicine Therapy for ENT Disorders

Orchestra BioMed

Orchestra BioMed Pursues Cardiac Neuromodulation Using Novel Strategies


Bioness Expands its Offerings from Neurorehabilitation to Neuromodulation

SPR Therapeutics LLC

SPR Therapeutics Masters Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Therapies for Pain

Royal Philips

Philips Pursues Greater Presence in Neurology and Neuroscience Research Markets

Dynofit Inc.

Dynofit Incorporates Wearable Sensors in New Neurorehabilitation System

Paradromics Inc.

Paradromics Leverages Government Contracts to Commercialize New Brain Interfaces

BioWave Corp.

BioWave Corp. Attacks Pain Market with Surface and Percutaneous Stimulation

BlueWind Medical

BlueWind Medical Seeks to Transform Neuromodulation with Wireless Device

MyndTec Inc.

New MyndTec Team Seeks to Penetrate North AMerican Neuromodulation Market

Blackfynn Inc. Inc.

Blackfynn Inc. Builds Data Platform for Neurotech Clinicians and Researchers

Axion Biosystems Inc.

Axion Biosystems Leverages MEMS Technology in Its Microelectrode Arrays

Neuspera Inc.

Neuspera Pioneers Minimally Invasive Implant Using Mid-Field Wireless Power

Highland Instruments Inc.

Highland Instruments Combines Two Treatment Modalities in New Neuromod Device

Health Research Inc.

Health Research Inc. Spins Off Neurosensing Technologies for Rehabilitation Systems

PathMaker Neurosystems Inc.

PathMaker Neurosystems Uses Multi-Site Stimulation to Treat Neuromoter Disorders

CorTec GmbH

CorTec GmbH Exploits German Technology Roots to Build New Neurotech Devices

Mainstay Medical plc

Mainstay Medical Seeks to Bring Back Pain Therapy to U.S. Neuromodulation Market

LivaNova plc

LivaNova Moves to Strengthen its Competitive Position in Neuromodulation Market

Neurovalens Ltd.

Neurovalens Pursues Consumer Neurotech Market with Vestibular Nerve Stim

Nexeon Medsystems, Inc.

Nexeon Medsystems Prepares to Compete with Big Players in Neuromodulation

Medibio Ltd.

Medibio Ltd. Pursues Brain Sensing Market with Digital Mental Health Platform

Saluda Medical

Saluda Medical Seeks to Disrupt the SCS Market with Closed-Loop Device

Myolyn, LLC

Myolyn LLC Grows from U Florida Spinoff to Neurorehabilitation System Vendor

Halo Neuroscience Inc.

Halo Neuroscience Moves from Consumer Brain Stimulation to Stroke Therapy

Neuronetics, Inc.

Neuronetics Capitalizes on its rTMS Legacy for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Thync, Inc.

Thync Alters Strategy in Second Effort to Commercialize Consumer Neurotech

EndoStim Inc.

EndoStim Seeks to Commercialize Neuromodulation Therapy for GERD

NeuroEM Therapeutics, Inc.

NeuroEM Therapeutics Seeks to Change Treatment Options for Alzheimer’s

Lungpacer Medical Inc.

Lungpacer Medical Seeks to Fill Unique Niche in Diaphragm Pacing Market

NeuroMetrix, Inc.

NeuroMetrix Seeks to Complete Transition from Neurosensing to OTC Pain Devices

Axonics Modulation Technologies, Inc.

Axonics Modulation Takes On Medtronic in Sacral Neuromodulation Market

Halyard Health, Inc.

Halyard Health Emerges from Spinoff as New Player in Pain Neuromodulation

Circuit Therapeutics, Inc.

Circuit Therapeutics Seeks to be First to Commercialize Optogenetics Products

Sunshine Heart, Inc.

Sunshine Heart Seeks to Leverage Cardiac Expertise in Bioelectronic Medicine

Nuvectra Corp.

Nuvectra Corp. Enters Neuromodulation Industry as an Established Upstart

EndoStim, Inc.

EndoStim Seeks to Become a Major Player in Market for Bioelectronic Medicine

Nuviant Medical

Nuviant Medical Pursues Range of Applications with Neuromodulation Devices

Nexstim plc

Nexstim Seeks to Move from Magnetic Neurosensing to Stroke Therapeutics

Inspire Medical

Inspire Medical Seeks to Transform Sleep Medicine with Stimulation Device


MicroTranponder Moves Forward in Neurorehabilitation Market with VNS Device

Rio Grande Neurosciences

Rio Grande Neurosciences Seeks Diversity in Noninvasive Neuromodulation Market

Ekso Bionics

Ekso Bionics Advances Technology for Robotic Neurorehabilitation Market

Neuro Assessment Systems

Neuro Assessment Systems Pursues Concussion and Psychiatric Disorder Markets

Mainstay Medical

Mainstay Medical Stakes Unique Position in Back Pain Stimulation Market

Second Sight

Second Sight Broadens its Commercial Efforts in Visual Prostheses Market

Bionik Laboratories

Bionik Laboratories Seeks Comeptitive Edge in Neurorehabilitation Market

Medasense Biometrics

Medasense BiometricsSeeks to Commercialize Objective Pain Measuring Device

BrainScope Company Inc.

BrainScope Targets Neuro Assessment Market with Portable, Handheld Devices

Soterix Medical

Soterix Medical Seeks Technology Leadership in Noninvasive Brain Stimulation

Blackrock Neuromed

Blackrock Neuromed Leverages Component Legacy in Clinical Diagnostics Market

Ripple LLC

Ripple Exploits University Relationships to Develop Neuroprosthetic Devices


MED-EL Moves to Strengthen its Hand in U.S. Market for Cochlear Implants

Cogentix Medical

Cogentix Medical Emerges from Merger as a Key Competitor in Urology Market

Valencia Technologies

Valencia Technologies Exploits Neuromodulation Legacy with Hypertension Device

Saluda Medical

Saluda Medical Applies Closed-Loop Neuromodulation to Pain Stimulation Market

EBS Technologies

EBS Technologies Seeks to Apply Cortical Plasticity Principles to Vision Restoration

NeuroPace, Inc.

NeuroPace Leverages Market Approval to Expand Applications and Partnerships


Quallion Extends its Battery Life Beyond Alfred Mann Sphere of Influence

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc.

Helius Medical Technologies Emerges with Electrotactile Stimulation Device

Evoke Neuroscience

Evoke Neuroscience Seeks to Expand its Reach in Brain Sensing Market

Brain Resource Ltd.

Brain Resource Exploits Neurological Data to Optimize Therapy and Fitness


AlterG Competes in Neurorehabilitation Market with Treadmills and Bionics

Interactive Motion Technologies

Interactive Motion Technologies Advances Neurorobotic Stroke Therapies


CVRx Moves Forward with Novel Neuromodulation Therapy

St. Jude Medical

St. Jude Medical Struggles to Regain Traction in Neuromodulation Market

Touch Bionics

Touch Bionics Lends a Hand to Development of the Neuroprosthetics Market

Electrical Geodesics

Electrical Geodesics Mobilizes to Gain Share in Neurodiagnostics Market

Nervomatrix Ltd.

Nervomatrix Seeks to Redefine Market for Noninvasive Pain Stimulation Devices

Advanced Bionics Inc.

Advanced Bionics Continues its Cochlear Implant Business as Unit of Sonova

Aleva Neurotherapeutics

Aleva Neurotherapeutics Seeks to Transform DBS Industry with Improved Leads


WISE Srl Seeks to Transform Neuromodulation with Stretchable Electrodes


Zynex Expands its Product Lines to Become Key Player in Neurotech Market

Autonomic Technologies, Inc.

Autonomic Technologies Targets Headache Pain with SPG Implanted Device

Hocoma AG

Hocoma Expands Neurorobotics Products to Maintain its Leadership Position

Plexon Inc.

Plexon Celebrates 30th Anniversary as Supplier of Data Acquisition Systems

SPR Therapeutics LLC

SPR Therapeutics Targets Shoulder Pain with Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Retina Implant AG

Retina Implant Moves to Become Leading Neural Prostheses Vendor in Europe

Bioness, Inc.

Bioness Moves Forward with New Generation of Stimulation Devices

Cervel Neurotech Inc.

Cervel Neurotech Stakes Out its Position in Magnetic Neuromodulation Market

NeuroSigma, Inc.

NeuroSigma Puruses Multi-Pringed Strategy in Neurological Disorders Market

ElectroCore Medical, LLC

ElectroCore Medical Uses Surface VNS Devices as New Neuromodulation Platform

Second Sight Medical Products

Second Sight Moves from Research Entity to Commercial Neuroprosthetics Vendor

Brain State Technologies

Brain State Technologies Targets Wellness Market with Proprietary Analysis System

Stimwave Technologies

Stimwave Targets Low-Cost Pain Market with Injectable Wireles Stimulator

Greatbatch Medical

Greatbatch Moves from Component Supplier to Neuromodulation System Vendor

Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies, Inc.

Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies Offers Devices to Movement Disorders Market


Teuza Funds Technology Ventures with a Hands-On Approach to Management

MicroTransponder Inc.

MicroTransponder Seeks to Use Tinnitus as Entry to Neuromodulation Market

Advanced Neuro Technology

Advanced Neuro Technology Exploits Magnetic and Electrical Neurosensing Tools

Brainsway Ltd.

Brainsway Seeks to Compete in Worldwide Magnetic Stimulation Market

DJO Global Inc.

DJO Global Consolidates Surface Stimulation Acquisitions with Orthopedic Products

Boston Scientific Corp.

New Team at Boston Scientific Portends Renewed Commitment to Neuromodulation

Motorika Medical Ltd.

Motorika Offers Upper- and Lower-Extremity Products to Neurorobotics Market

Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation

Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation Attacks DBS Market with European Investment

Versant Ventures

Versant Ventures Spurs Neuromodulation Industry Growth with Early Investment

Biotectix LLC .

Biotectix LLC Develops Conducting Polymers for Next-Generation Electrodes

CNP Therapeutics

CNP Therapeutics Targets Pain Neuromodulation with Electromagnetic Stimulation

Nevro Corp.

Nevro Corp. Tries Novel Approach to Spinal Cord Stimulation for Treating Pain

Cerephex Corp.

Cerephex Corp. Targets Fibromyalgia Pain with Transcranial Stimulation Device

Tibion Corp.

Tibion Corp. Pursues Neurorehabilitation Market with New Bionic Leg

Apnex Medical Inc.

Apnex Medical Seeks to Compete in Neurotech Market for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Spinal Modulation, Inc.

Spinal Modulation Seeks to Redefine Spinal Stimulation Market with DRG Device

Restorative Therapies Inc.

Restorative Therapies Uses Neurotechnology to Serve the Paralysis Market

Ripple LLC

Ripple LLC Offers New Technology for Research and Neurotech Applications

SetPoint Medical Corp.

SetPoint Medical Targets Inflammatory Response with Neuromodulation System

BioControl Medical

BioControl Medical Develops Neuromodulation Systems for U.S., European Markets

CIRTEC Medical Systems Inc.

CIRTEC Medical Draws on Device Expertise to Boost Neurotech Manufacturing

CareFusion Corp.

CareFusion Continues Neurosensing Legacy After Spinoff from Cardinal Health

Neuros Medical Inc.

Neuros Medical Seeks to Commercialize Nerve Block Treatment for Pain

Covidien plc

Covidien Adds Neurosensing Acquisitions to Medical Device Product Line

ImThera Medical, Inc.

ImThera Medical Looks to Neurostimulation to Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea

NDI Medical LLC

NDI Medical Serves as Incubator for Neurotechnology Startup Firms

Blackrock Microsystems

Blackrock Microsystems Leverages Electrode Legacy for Neurotechnology Market

Quallion LLC

Quallion LLC Seeks to Provide More Power to Implanted Neurostimulation Market

Ardian Inc.

Ardian Inc. Pioneers Radio Frequency Neuromodulation System for Hypertension

MicroTransponder, Inc.

MicroTransponder Inc. Spins Off UT Dallas Technology for Neurotech Market

Alpine Biomed Corp.

Alpine Biomed Carries Medtronic Legacy to Neurosensing Market

Neurometrix Inc.

NeuroMetrix Seeks to Rebound from Financial and Regulatory Setbacks

Stellar Technologies Inc.

Stellar Technologies Helps Neurotech Vendors Develop Implantable Devices

Nihon Kohden Corp.

Nihon Kohden Vies for Leadership in Worldwide Neurosensing Market

IntraPace Inc.

IntraPace Inc. Develops Gastric Stimulator for Obesity Market

Ossur hf

Icelandic Ossur hf Lends its Support to Neuroprosthetics Market

NeuroPace Inc.

NeuroPace Inc. Prepares for Entry ino Epilepsy Neuromodulation Market

NeuroVista Corp.

NeuroVista Corp. Leverages Closed-Loop Technology for Epilepsy Market

Cyberonics Inc.

Cyberonics Rebuilds its Vagus Nerve Stimulation Franchise in Neurotech Market

Uroplasty, Inc.

Uroplasty Inc. Treats Urinary Incontinence with Percutaneous Neuromodulation

Advanced Bionics Corp.

Advanced Bionics Re-Emerges as Neural Prosthesis Competitor After Spinoff

Texcel LLC

Texcel Medical Delivers Stimulation Components for Neurotech Firms

DJO Inc.

DJO Picks Up the Pieces of Surface Stimulation Competitors

Magstim Company Ltd.

Magstim Brings Noninvasive Stimulation Options to Neuromodulation Market

EaglePicher Medical Power

EaglePicher Medical Power Seeks to Recharge the Implanted Device Market

Bal Seal Engineering Inc.

Bal Seal Engineering Thrives as Supplier for Medical Electronics Manufacturers

PhotoThera Inc.

PhotoThera Pioneers New Laser Therapy for Stroke Treatment Market

Bioness Inc.

Bioness Builds a Leadership Position in Neurorehabilitation Market

Intelect Medical, Inc.

Intelect Medical Seeks to Pioneer New Therapies Using Neuromodulation

Cardinal Health, Inc.

Cardinal Health Inherits Top Position in Neurodiagnostics Market

Natus Medical, Inc.

Natus Medical Buys Its Way Into Leadership in Neurodiagnostics Market

Greatbatch Inc.

Greatbatch Uses Acquisistions to Become Major Power in Neurotech Industry

EnteroMedics Inc.

EnteroMedics Uses Vagal Nerve Blocking to Compete in Obesity Market


CVRx Uses Baroreflex Neuromodulation as Entree to Hypertension Market

Touch Bionics

Touch Bionics Advances Market for Neurally Controlled Motor Prostheses

Afferent Corp.

Afferent Corp. Targets Sensory Signals as Novel Neurorehabilitation Strategy

Synapse Biomedical Inc.

Synapse Biomedical Breathes New Life into Neural Prosthesis Market

Aculight Corp.

Aculight Corp. Shines Light on Optical Neurostimulation Applications

BrainsGate Ltd.

BrainsGate Applies Stimulation to Cerebral Bloodflow Applications

BioniCare Medical Technologies, Inc.

BioniCare Medical Technologies Treats Arthritis with Electrical Stimulation

St. Jude Medical Inc.

St. Jude Medical Brings Financial Muscle to Neuromodulation Industry

Otto Bock HealthCare

Otto Bock HealthCare Moves from Orthotic Pioneer to Neurotechnology Upstart

Kinetic Muscles Inc.

Kinetic Muscles Inc. Seeks to Strengthen Neurorehabilitation Market

Nexstim Oy

Nexstim Oy Targets Neurosensing Market with Combination of Technologies

NeuraLieve Inc.

NeuraLieve Seeks to Treat Migraine with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

IIP Technologies

IIP Technologies Pursues Retinal Prosthesis Market with Learning Implant

Medtronic Inc.

Medtronic Retains Its Leadership Position in Neurostimulation Market

Medtrode Inc.

Medtrode Seeks to Move Brain Stimulation Market to Next Generation

NeuroNexus Technologies, Inc.

NeuroNexus Technologies Moves from Research to Commercial Market for Probes

Posit Science Corp.

Posit Science Attacks Neurological Disorders Using Cortical Plasticity


NESS Brings Functional Electrical Stimulation Expertise to Neuroprosthetics Market

Aspect Medical Systems Inc.

Aspect Medical Attracts Awareness from Neurosensing Industry

Electrical Geodesics, Inc.

Electrical Geodesics Uses Sensor Nets to Probe Neurosensing Market

FHC Inc.

FHC Inc. Probes Neurotechnology Market with Microelectrodes and Electronics

Robomedica Inc.

Robomedica Pursues Neurorehabilitation Market with New Technologies

NDI Medical Inc.

NDI Medical Moves Forward in Neural Prosthesis Market

Cleveland Medical Devices, Inc.

Cleveland Medical Takes Neurosensing Out of the Laboratory

Neuronetrix, Inc.

Neuronetrix Targets Newborns and Children with Dyslexia Screening

Neotonus, Inc.

Neotonus, Inc. Directs Magnetic Energy at Neuromuscular Stimulation Market

Neural Signals, Inc.

Neural Signals Moves from BCI Pioneer to Commercial Vendor

The Innovation Factory

The Innovation Factory Offers New Approach to Incubator Strategy

Neuronetics, Inc.

Neuronetics Targets Psychiatric Disorders with Magnetic Stimulation Therapy

Optobionics Corp.

Optobionics Corp. Strives to Restore Sight with Artificial Silicon Retina

Innovative Neurotronics

Innovative Neurotronics Brings Neurotechnology to Orthotics Industry

Enpath Medical, Inc.

Enpath Medical Goes for the Lead in Neurostimulation

Boston Scientific Corp.

Boston Scientific Looks to Neurotech for Future Product Lines

Second Sight Medical Products

Second Sight Medical Moves Forward in Retinal Prosthesis Market

RS Medical

RS Medical Strives for Leadership in Home Stimulation Market

Zynex Medical

Zynex Medical Pursues Stroke Rehabilitation Market

Northstar Neuroscience, Inc.

Northstar Neuroscience Seeks Second Success with Stroke Product

Viasys Healthcare Inc.

Viasys Healthcare Returns to Leadership Position in Neurodiagnostics

Neurodan A/S

Danish Firm Targets FES and Neuromuscular Training Markets

Utek Corp.

Utek Corp. Catalyzes Tech Transfer Between Research Institutions and Public Firms

Sleep Solutions

Sleep Solutions Awakens Financial Interest in Diagnostic Services

Wilson Greatbatch Technologies Inc.

Wilson Greatbatch Applies Battery Expertise to Implanted Neuro Devices

Axon Instruments

Axon Instruments Exploits Ion Channel Kinetics to Serve Neuro Market

Advanced Brain Monitoring

Advanced Brain Monitoring Stays Alert to Changes in Mental State

Sprout Group

Sprout Group Sets its Sights on Medical Devices With New Neuro Partner

Cochlear Ltd.

Cochlear Ltd. Endures Market Setbacks to Retain Leadership in Auditory Prostheses

Neurome Inc.

Neurome Parlays Brain Database Technology into Neuropharma Contracts

Cyberkinetics Inc.

Cyberkinetics Raises Captial and Interest in Brain Interfaces

Plexon Inc.

Plexon Moves From Research Equipment to Neurotechnology Vendor


BIOMEC LeveragesIts Cardio Experience to Become Neurotechnology Supplier


VSM MedTech Exports Brain Sensing Systems Around the Globe

Thomas, McNeerny & Partners

New Life Sciences Venture Firm Forms with Three U.S. Offices

Victhom Human Bionics

Victhom Human Bionics Brings Neural Control to Prosthetics

Quallion LLC

Quallion Brings Power to Neurostimulation Industry

Domain Associates

Domain Associates Add Neuro Devices to Its Life Sciences Portfolio

Oxford Bioscience Partners

Oxford Bioscience Looks at Neurotechnology as New Area of Funding

NeuroMetrix Inc.

NeuroMetrix Occupies Peripheral Position in Neurodiagnostics Market

MicroStrain Inc.

MicroStrain Looks to Implanted Sensors as Key Neurotechnology Component

microHelix Inc.

microHelix Seeks to Connect with Implanted Stimulator Manufacturers

NeuroVentures Capital

NeuroVentures Capital Sepcializes in Funding Neuroscience Firms

Canaan Partners

Canaan Partners Plays Key Role in Founding Neurotech Startups

Integra NeuroSciences

Integra NeuroSciences Builds Its Technology Base with R&D and Acquisitions

Epic Biosonics

Epic Biosonics Exploits its Strength in Neural Prosthesis Manufacturing

Technology Partners

Technology Partners Moves to Strengthen Its Neuro Portfolio


Compumedics Comes Out of Sleep to Attack Neurodiagnostics Market


Cyberonics Seeks to Expand Vagus Nerve Stimulation Market

Bio-Logic Systems Corp.

Bio-Logic Systems Corp. Remains a Leader in Neurodiagnostics Market

Advanced Neuromodulation Systems Inc.

Advanced Neuromodulation Systems Tries Harder in Neurostimulation Market

Vertis Neuroscience

Vertis Neuroscience Takes New Approach to Neurostimulation Market

Advanced Bionics

Advanced Bionics Looks to Technology for Edge in Neurostimulation Market

Medtronic Inc.

Medtronic Casts Long Shadow as Neurotechnology Market Gathers a Crowd

Cochlear Ltd.

Cochlear Ltd. Lends its Ear to Neural Prosthesis Market

4-D Neuroimaging

4-D Neuroimaging Looks for Magnetic Sense in Neurodiagnostics Market

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