New Book from Neurotech Press Profiles Bionic Pioneers

Neurotech Press, the book-publishing unit of Neurotech Reports, announced the publication of a new book devoted to users of experimental and newly approved neurotechnology therapies. The book, coauthored by Jennifer French and James Cavuoto, is titled Bionic Pioneers: Brave Neurotech Users are Blazing the Trail to New Therapies. It is available in print and e-book formats.

The book features the stories of several users with neurological diseases or disorders who chose to pursue a neurotechnology therapy. Among the technologies included in the book are DBS for Parkinson’s disease, VNS for epilepsy, functional electrical stimulation for paralysis, and retinal implants for blindness.

The print version of the book is available for $19.95 from Amazon at this link.

The eBook version of the book is available for $9.95 in Kindle format at this link or in Apple iBooks format at this link.

For more information, contact Neurotech Press at 415 546 1259.

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