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April 2022 Issue Contents

Optoacoustic Neuromodulation Offers a New Modality

Boston University researchers are exploring the new approach.

BCI Industry Witnesses New Deals and Competitors

Two new players have emerged while others have consolidated.

Former DARPA HAPTIX Head Takes Position at NTT Research

Al Emondi joined the research arm of the Japanese telecom.

Japanese Device Firm Gains Approval for Primary Cell SCS System

Device maker Stem Tronics introduced the new system.

Vendor Profile

Cionic Develops Wearable Stimulation Products to Address Gait Abnormalities.

Conference Report

Neurotech Industry Goes to Minnesota for DMD and MN Neuromodulation Symposium. Neurotech Entrepreneurs Make Presentations at Bioelectronic Medicine Forum

Research Institution Profile

Charité Investigators Locate Optimal DBS Targets for Treating Dystonia.

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