Industry Whitepapers from Neurotech Reports

Neurotech Reports editors have prepared several industry whitepapers on a number of business and technology issues confronting the neurotechnology industry.

Deep Brain Stimulation: Technology and Markets

This report provides an overview of deep brain stimulation technology and the markets where it is likely to be most successful. It covers the manufacturers of DBS systems, as well as the vendors of systems and devices that are used in conjunction with DBS, such as neurosurgical tools, imaging systems, and electrodes. Also included in this report is a discussion of cortical stimulation systems and the manufacturers developing this new class of brain stimulation device. The report covers the major application areas for DBS systems and examines the market growth in the years ahead. Included in the report is an extensive discussion of the key scientific studies pointing to the effectiveness of DBS therapy, as well as several major technology areas that will affect the maturation of the market. The report concludes with a look at future developments in DBS systems.

51 pages
Updated: March 2014

Neurosensing Products and Technologies

This report provides an overview of the neurosensing market, including devices, software, and related technologies involved with recording or interpreting signals from the brain and nervous system. It includes discussion of brain state assessment systems such as consciousness monitoring and new electrophysiological markers for psychiatric disorders. The report covers the manufacturers currently on the market as well as developers of new systems expected to be on the market in the years ahead. It also looks at several new research directions that may yield commercial opportunities in the future.

46 pages
Updated: March 2014

Cortical Plasticity Applications and Technologies

This report provides an overview of the emerging fields of enhancing human performance and cortical plasticity. Cortical plasticity refers to the capability of the central nervous system to modify neural connections in order to achieve a beneficial result in the behavior or neuromuscular performance of an individual. This report explores the scientific and commercial background of the field, major application areas, and existing and emerging technologies and product categories associated with cortical plasticity. The report concludes with a look at key research institutions performing work in this area and a profile of commercial firms active in the market.

32 pages
Updated: February 2009

Neurotechnology and the Stroke Market

This report provides an overview of the market opportunity for neurotechnology devices in treating and diagnosing stroke-related disorders. It covers the manufacturers of stroke rehabilitation devices and new forms of therapy. It also looks at several new research directions that may yield commercial opportunities in the years ahead.

43 pages
Updated: March 2014

Brain-Computer Interfaces: A Technology Overview

This report provides an overview of brain-computer interfaces, one of the newest and most promising segments of the neurotechnology industry. It covers the early development of cortical control systems in animal trials and discusses the first commercial products that are now on the market. The report profiles many of the leading research institutions in the U.S. and abroad, and highlights some of the key investigators in the field. The report also discusses the market potential for brain-computer interfaces and looks at several areas of potential application.

27 pages
Updated: March 2014

The Venture Capital Outlook for Neurotechnolgy

This report presents a useful and up-to-date analysis of the outlook for venture-capital funding for the neurotechnology industry. It is based on interviews conducted by Neurotech Reports editors with dozens of VC professionals and entrepreneurs actively involved with the neurotechnology space from 2002 to 2005. It also features insightful comments and practical advice from VC professionals participating in panel discussions at events such as the National Venture Capital Association, BIO CEO & Investor Conference, JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, SoCal BIO Investor Conference, and the Neurotech Leaders Forum. The report also includes profiles of several VC firms that invest in neurotechnology start-ups as well as details of recent funding activity in the neurotechnology industry.

38 pages
Updated: October 2012

Funding Opportunities for Neurotech Startups<

This report presents an overview of funding opportunities for neurotechnology startup firms. It includes discussion of federal funding sources, state government sources, foreign government sources, and private foundations and agencies that offer funding to neurotechnology firms and research organizations.

22 pages
Updated: May 2007

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