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The Market for Neurotechnology: 2018-2022

400 pages

Publication Date: February 2018

This newly published market research report is the most comprehensive and up-to-date publication available covering the neurotechnology industry. The report takes an in-depth look at the technology, markets, competitors, and growth rates in four key segments of the neurotechnology industry in the years 2018 through 2022. It forecasts U.S. and worldwide revenue, compound annual growth rates, and competitor market shares for several key product categories making up the neuroprosthetics, neuromodulation, neurorehabilitation, and neurosensing segments of the industry.

The Market for Neurotechnology: 2018-2022 covers in detail all the key public companies and the most significant emerging and more established non-public firms in the industry. The report also features in-depth profiles of major research institutions in the U.S. and abroad involved with neurotechnology developments, and traces the commercial activity that is emerging from each.

The report not only looks at future financial projections, it covers likely technology trends and product developments that will impact the neurotechnology industry in the years ahead, such as:

  • Nanowire brain implants guided into position through the cerebral vasculature.
  • Optical stimulation devices that solve many of the problems associated with electrical charge buildup.
  • Microfluidic interfaces that combine electrical stimulation and drug delivery.

The Market for Neurotechnology: 2018-2022 examines each of the neurological diseases and disorders that represent a significant market potential for neurotechnology products, including established markets like Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, and urinary incontinence, as well as emerging markets such as bioelectronic medicine, obesity, migraine, sleep disorders, and psychiatric disorders. And it is the only report on the neurotechnology industry to forecast new product categories in neurorehabilitation and neurosensing such as brain analysis systems and neurorobotisc systems.

Table of Contents


Industry Background

Neurotechnology Markets





Company Profiles

Market Activity

Research Institutions

Funding Sources

Future Directions

Company Listings

Tables and Figures

U.S. and Worldwide Market for Neurotechnology

U.S. and Worldwide Market for Neuroprosthetics

U.S. and Worldwide Market for Neuromodulation Products

U.S. and Worldwide Market for Neurorehabilitation Products

U.S. and Worldwide Market for Neurosensing Systems

U.S. and Worldwide Market for SCS Systems

U.S. and Worldwide Market for DBS Systems

Market Share, SCS Systems

Market Share, DBS Systems

Several Others

Companies Profiled



Boston Scientific


Natus Medical

Cochlear Ltd.



Nevro Corp.


Advanced Bionics

Dozens more

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