New Publishing Firm Devoted to Neurotechnology Market

Neurotech Reports, a Torrance, CA based publisher of newsletters and market research reports, has been launched to provide strategic information on the new and growing field of neurotechnology. Neurotechnology is defined as the application of electronics and engineering to human nervous system function. It is a distinct field from biotechnology, which concerns itself largely with molecular and genetic engineering approaches to human biology.

Some of the early success stories in neurotechnology include the cochlear implant, an electronic stimulator for the human cochlea which restores hearing to deaf individuals, and functional electrical stimulation, which has restored function to many patients who were paralyzed by spinal cord injury. In addition to these medical applications, there are many commercial and information processing applications of neurotechnology, such as neural/computer interfaces that enable users to interact with a computer in a more natural and efficient manner.

The company's products include a monthly newsletter, Neurotech Business Report, which covers this growing industry for entrepreneurs, financial professionals, and current medical and industrial firms looking to expand into the market. The first issue of the publication, which will be available in both print and on-line editions, contains articles on venture capital funding issues, neural interfaces as mass market computer input devices, and commercial development in building neural prosthesis for paralyzed individuals. Neurotech Reports will also publish market research reports in the field. The first report, The Market for Neurotechnology, 2001-2005, will be published in September, 2001.

Neurotech Reports was founded by James Cavuoto, the president and publisher of Micro Publishing Press, Inc. Micro Publishing Press produced magazines, newsletters, and books in the field of computer graphics, digital imaging, and electronic publishing that were sold to Cygnus Business Media in 1998. Cavuoto has a degree in biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, where he studied under the pioneers of the emerging field of functional electrical stimulation.

Editorial director for Neurotech Reports is David Pope, an experienced science and technology editor who has served on the board of editors of Scientific American magazine and was senior editor of Psychology Today magazine. Clifford Numark serves as the research director for the new venture. Numark is the former CEO of the San Diego Regional Technology Alliance and was previously COO of the Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance. He has authored numerous market research studies on topics such as venture capital funding and federal technology funding. Linda Kazares is the marketing and events director of Neurotech Reports. She was publisher of two computer industry newsletters and has organized conferences in the Internet market.

"Neurotechnology is a two-way street," said Cavuoto. "It holds tremendous promise both for medical applications that draw on advances in electronics technology, and for engineering applications that draw on our understanding of human nervous system function. We're excited to be able to help the industry commercialize some of these revolutionary technologies."


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