Spreading the Energy

As it has in previous years, the 2004 Neurotech Leaders Forum, held in San Francisco Oct 4-5, offered a valuable opportunity for many of the technical, financial, and management leaders in this new industry to meet in one place. The event allowed participants to discuss issues of specific relevance to neurotechnology without the worry of being overshadowed by larger segments of the biotechnology, medical devices, and life sciences industries. As the only business publication covering this industry, we take great satisfaction in watching the industry mature from year to year and observing the steady growth in technology and market potential.

This editor, along with editorial director David Pope, senior technical editor Warren Grill, senior financial editor Glenn Cornett, and marketing director Nancy Whelan, were all heartened by the level of discussion among panelists and attendees, both during the sessions and during the breaks. We appreciated the positive feedback on the event and our publication received from so many participants, including our keynote speaker, Advanced Neuromodulation Systems CEO Chris Chavez.

Nonetheless, we still have much to do as a catalyst for growth and commercialization of neurotechnology. In the year ahead, we plan to undertake several new projects that will help current vendors and startup entrepreneurs build market awareness, financial support, and an infrastructure present in other segments of the life sciences industry.

Neurotech Reports will team with the Society to Increase Mobility (STIM) to produce a comprehensive on-line directory of neurotechnology products. STIM’s involvement will help ensure that information about available neurotechnology products gets to the people who need it the most: the potential users in the neurological disease and disorder community, and their clinicians.

We also intend to produce more focused market research reports and multi-client studies on specific segments within the neurotechnology industry, including deep brain stimulation, neuromodulation, stroke rehabilitation, neurosensing applications, and brain computer interfaces. And we plan to perform a study of the different geographical regions throughout North America, Europe, and the Far East to help determine the best locations for neurotechnology businesses. Finally, we hope to raise the profile of our Gold Electrode Awards program, launched partly in jest a year ago.

To those who participated in the 2004 or prior year Neurotech Leaders Forum, we express our appreciation for your support and encouragement. And to all who share our desire to move this field from medical technology to commercial products, we pledge our continued efforts and energy. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

James Cavuoto
Editor and Publisher



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