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As we wrap up our 96th issue of Neurotech Business Report, representing eight full years of publication, we’ve decided it’s time to take inventory of our products and services for subscribers and make plans for moving forward in the commercial marketplace for neurotechnology.

By now, our subscribers are familiar with the monthly print version of our newsletter. But not all subscribers may be aware of the other benefits that come with your paid subscription. First off, the current issue of Neurotech Business Report is available in electronic format to all paid subscribers. If you haven’t done so already, visit the exclusive subscriber area of our website,, by clicking the “Subscriber log-in” tab at the top of our home page. You’ll need a user name and password to access the subscriber area, which you can obtain by clicking the “Obtain User ID” link on the lefthand column of our home page under Subscriber Services. (Notice there’s also a link there for subscribers who may have forgotten their password.) We’ll use the email address you provide to send you periodic E-mail alerts for breaking news.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to access articles in the current issue in HTML format, or download a PDF file of the complete issue. You can also perform a search of back issues of this newsletter, but to have online access to our entire archive of issues since 2001 you’ll need to upgrade to premium status. Also at the subscriber area, you’ll be able to download a free copy of our whitepaper “The Venture Capital Outlook for Neurotechnology,” which tracks VC investment in neurotech companies and offers observations from VC professionals active in the space. And you’ll find the link to search our online database of neurotechnology vendors and products. We plan to expand this database considerably as we partner with the International Neuromodulation Society to distribute information on neuromodulation products.

Since we began publishing, we’ve tried to strike a balance between making the newsletter affordable to small and startup neurotech firms yet generating enough subscription revenue to keep publishing (we’ve never accepted advertising in Neurotech Business Report). We’re mindful that the current economic climate is not conducive to raising prices. But we want to warn subscribers that we plan to change our subscription terms in 2010. We’ll keep the publication affordable for individuals and small startup firms. But we plan to raise the price for larger firms who are not already paying a site license fee for multiple readers at the same company. Just to review our policy, subscribers are free to pass on the original print version of this newsletter to others. But making a photocopy or transferring an electronic copy to somebody else requires a site license.

We want to thank all our subscribers for your support to date. Please let us know if you have thoughts on how we can better serve you.

James Cavuoto
Editor and Publisher



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