2020 Bioelectronic Medicine Forum

On-Line via Zoom, April 7, 2020

Tentative Agenda, All Times EDT


Welcome and Introductions


Overview of the Bioelectronic Medicine Industry

James Cavuoto, Editor, Neurotech Reports
Neurotech Business Report Editor James Cavuoto presents an overview of the bioelectronic medicine industry, including key players, technological roots, and market projections.

Keynote Address

Al Emondi, Ph.D., Program Manager, DARPA
DARPA program manager Al Emondi provides an overview of DARPA funding opporunities in the bioelectronic medicine space.

Investment in Bioelectronic Medicine

Jennifer French, Senior Editor, Neurotech Reports, Moderator
Imran Eba, Partner, Action Potential Venture Capital
Tony Natale, M.D., Managing Partner, Aperture Venture Partners
Manuel Lopez-Figueroa, Ph.D., Managing Director, Bay City Capital
In this session, investment professionals active in the life sciences industry will offer their views on the investment climate for bioelectronic medicine.

Refreshment Break


Entrepreneur Panel I

James Cavuoto, Editor, Neurotech Reports, Moderator
Attila Borbath, CEO, Synergia Medical SA
Pawel Soluch, Ph.D., CEO, Neuro Device Group SA
Bryan McLaughlin, Ph.D., President, Micro-Leads, Inc.
Dan Powell, CEO, Spark Biomedical
Presentations from executives of emerging bioelectronic medicine firms.

New Treatment Modalities

Jennifer French, Senior Editor, Neurotech Reports, Moderator
Marom Bikson, Ph.D., Director, Neural Engineering Laboratory, CCNY
Nick Langhals, Ph.D., Neural Engineering Program Manager, NIH NINDS
Leigh Charvet, Ph.D., Director of MS Research, NYU Langone Medical Center
Bioelectronic medicine vendors and researchers now have access to a range of new treatment modalities beyond electrical stimulation, including ultrasound, pulsed RF. and infrared neuromodulation. In this session, we'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Lunch Break


Luncheon Speaker: Funding Opportunites from NIH

Emily Caporello, Ph.D., Scientific Project Manager, NINDS Small Business Programs, National Institutes of Health
Dr. Caporello will give an update on the latest funding opportunities for small businesses, including new programs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regulatory and Reimbursement Issues

Jeremy Koff, Senior Contributing Editor, Neurotech Reports, Moderator
Courtney Lane, Ph.D., Principal, Anacapa Clinical Research
Abhi Datta, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer, Soterix Medical
Startup and established bioelectronic medicine firms face a variety of regulatory and reimbursement issues on the way to commercialization. In this session, we'll explore key considerations in designing clinical trials, obtaining FDA approval, and getting reimbursement from payors.

Entrepreneur Panel II

James Cavuoto, Editor, Neurotech Reports, Moderator
Ash Attia, CEO, Bionic Vision Technologies
Brad Schmidt, Ph.D., CEO, Panaxium
Blythe Karow, CEO, Evren Technologies
Pierre Wijdenes, Ph.D., CEO, Neuraura, Inc.
Presentations from executives of emerging bioelectronic medicine firms.

Refreshment Break


Entrepreneur Panel III

James Cavuoto, Editor, Neurotech Reports, Moderator
Victor Pikov, Ph.D., CEO, Medipace Inc.
David Robinson, CEO, DeFuse Medical
Eric Gordon, CEO., Atentiv, LLC
Presentations from representatives of research institutions and nonprofit organizations seeking to commercialize new bioelectronic medicine therapies.

New Applications of Bioelectronic Medicine

James Cavuoto, Editor and Publisher, Neurotech Reports, Moderator
Jake Zabara, Ph.D., Founder, Jacob Zabara Family Foundation
Erika Ross, Ph.D., Director, Applied Research, Abbott Neuromodulation
In this closing session, we'll look at new applications for bioelectronic medicine, including potential therapies for treating immunological, dematalogical, and hematalogical disorders.

Closing Remarks and Virtual Cocktail Hour

JoJo Platt, Contributing Editor, Moderator

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