Neurotech Startup Founders and Executives to Present at 2021 Leaders Forum

Neurotech Reports, the publisher of this newsletter, updated the agenda for the 20th anniversary Neurotech Leaders Forum, which will take place in San Francisco on November 8-9, 2021. The event will also include speakers and attendees who prefer to participate via videoconference.

Executives from several new and emerging neurotech firms will present at the conference. These include Brett Wingeier, CEO of Magnus Medical, a San Francisco startup pursuing the market for noninvasive neuromodulation therapies for depression. The company recently closed a $25 million A round. Other neurotech entrepreneurs on the agenda include Luca Ravagnan, CEO of Italian lead manufacturer WISE, Manfred Franke, CEO of NeuronOff, Jon Sakai from wearables firm Cioinc, Brad Schmidt, CEO of Canadian firm Panaxium, and Jennifer Ernst, CEO of Tivic Health.

Warren Grill, the Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. School Distinguished Professor of biomedical engineering at Duke University, will deliver the keynote address on November 8. Grill served as a senior technical editor of Neurotech Business Report in its early years and was the keynote at the 2002 Neurotech Leaders Forum. He is the co-founder, director, and CSO of NDI Medical, a medical device incubator, director and chief scientific advisor at SPR Therapeutics, and co-founder, director, and CSO of DBI, which has developed a novel approach to brain stimulation for neurological disorders. 

On November 9, Dave Anderson, the president of Medtronic's neuromodulation business, will deliver the keynote. Anderson has held key leadership roles across the medical device industry for the past 25 years, including the Enabling Technologies business for Medtronic and for multiple innovative companies in healthcare and medical devices.

The agenda includes sessions devoted to obtaining reimbursement for neurotech devices, key competitive battlegrounds in the neuromodulation industry, wearable devices, and psychiatric disorders. Cirtec Medical returns as the Platinum sponsor of the 2021 Neurotech Leaders Forum, while MST is the Gold sponsor. For more information on speaking and sponsorship opportunities, contact Neurotech Reports at 415 546 1259.s







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