May 2024 Issue

Optogenetic Stimulation Overcomes Muscle Fatigue

A research team from MIT is developing a functional optogenetic stimulation system.

Neuromodulation Gains Traction for Psychiatric Disorders

Several companies have reported progree and a key clinical journal has endorsed the use of neuromodulation in novel ways..

NANS Helps Obtain Reimbursement for Closed Loop SCS

Cigna and EviCore have reversed that position that the therapy is experimental.

Precision Neuro Claims World Record for Brain Electrodes

The BCI firm implanted a total of 2,048 electrodes in a human subject.

Vendor Profile

Helius Medical Moves Forward on Reimbursement Front.

Conference Report

Neuromodulation Professionals Come to Vancouver for INS 2024.

Research Institution Profile

Duke-NUS Brings Neurotechnology Expertise to Singapore.

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