Presenting Companies

NeuSpera Medical Inc. is a medical device startup headquartered in Santa Clara, CA that leverages exclusively licensed mid-field powering techniques to engineer miniaturized injectable neuromodulation technologies. NeuSpera’s implantable module is more than 100 times smaller than other neuromodulation devices and may substantially reduce implant procedure complexity, time, patient complication, and post‐surgical pain. NeuSpera Medical is committed to bringing forward implantable medical device technology that will improve lives of patients battling with chronic illness. NeuSpera Medical will deliver a liberating alternative treatment for certain patients trapped by the symptoms of their disease.


BlueWind Medical is developing a novel wireless neuro-stimulation platform for the treatment of various clinical indications such as peripheral neuropathic pain and overactive bladder. The companywas founded in 2010 by the premier Israeli innovation and investment company Rainbow Medical. The company is developing a platform technology of miniature wireless neurostimulators that can be placed in a minimally invasive procedure and treat multiple indications.

Nexeon is a bioelectronics company that has established a proven, disruptive model for identifying, funding, managing, and accelerating game-changing ideas into profitable, clinical innovations. The Company has expertise in monetizing intellectual property and leveraing non-dilutive capital in a tax-optimized vehicle. Chief among Company assets is a number of patents relating to a micro-perforated balloon catheter system for use in the treatment of restenosis associated with hemodialysis. Initially, the company will focus on driving development and commercialization of the aforementioned medical device. Nexeon also has ownership interest in various R&D programs and other companies that are currently developing medical devices in neuromodulation, cardiology, and urology spaces. 


Biotectix develops and applies proprietary materials that help improve the biological and electrical performance of electrodes in and around the body. The technology addresses key limitations faced in the medical device, wearables, and consumer electronics industries including poor tissue interfacing, long-term performance, poor signal quality, and limited and/or inefficient stimulation. The company's platform technology addresses broad unmet needs and has a demonstrated record of biocompatibility and performance. Biotectix seeks to help enable a next generation of smaller, less invasive, multi-functional, and more energy-efficient medical devices.

Sanguistat is a spinoff from the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research that has developed the Neural Tourniquet, an electrical stimulation system intended for staunching blood loss for surgical patients, accident victims, and battlefield casualties. The stimulation device primes the coagulation system y activating neural pathways that lead to the spleen.


CerebraCell is focused on brain regeneration using patented microcurrent signals that home stem cells to the brain and cause new blood vessels to grow.  For advanced severe cases the company can add stem cell and growth factor injections and for extremely advanced cases implant a refillable, programmable micro pump regeneration stimulator. CerebraCell is designed to stimulate true neurogenesis, the formation and nurturing of new neurons, to regenerate damaged or diseased brain tissue.  The company does this by bioelectric stimulation controlled release of more than 10 essential brain regeneration promotion cytokines.


Do By Thinking is a company leading research on user-centered artificially intelligent brain computer interfaces based in San Francisco. They have produced a working prototype brain computer interface that can help people communicate. Currently they are working on improving adaptability and accuracy of their software such that it can be more widely used.

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